Ashton & Demi: A Giant Step For Older Women? 32014

Ashton & Demi: A Giant Step For Older Women? 32014

So, Ashton Kucher, 2-7, and Demi Moore, 43, got married with her kids and ex-husband in attendance.

Its good! Their Unusual! Shes a cradle robber! Its a giant step for older women!

Which is it?

How about A huge step for older women.

Well, very nearly.

Its not unusual for older female celebrities to connect with much younger men. Fame and fortune are strong magnets. But men are visual creatures. What goes on after her beauty fades? To not worry. Loss of a youthful appear-ance is not any longer a concern. With the variety of aesthetic procedures available nowadays women with ample savings could look younger than springtime before day they die.

To a smart, future-oriented man, an older person with money promises long-term benefits. He is able to look forward to a bundle upon her demise if her age is actually up there. Hes likely to win a hefty settlement, when the partnership or marriage doesnt last. So, what does a younger man must lose?

Whats significant in regards to the Moore-Kucher nation is that it"s pushed one more nail in the coffin of the older person younger man taboo that common folk older women seeking younger men but not endowed with fame or money must deal with inside their search for a suitable partner.

Some time ago I gave a talk to your group of older women. After my speech, a female Ill contact Betty, came rushing around share that she was 84, single, relationship, and never shows her age. Moreover, she"d no use for males older than 60, and wants them younger than that. I cant stand old geezers. Theyre all dead. They"re living but they are dead, if you know what I mean she explained in a confidential modulation of voice.

I could understand why Betty preferred younger men. She looked fabulous -- a lean figure, she was intelligent, her eyes lit up when she spoke, and she had beautiful smooth skin. Plainly, she had it goin o-n. She might easily pass for 60. Why would she desire to endure an irritable old codger her age?

Heres the problem: When Betty sees some one with prospective, and age pops up, Mr. Potential is finished. I suppose that when Betty had money and celebrity, it"d be-a different story.

Let me relate your own experience: At the pharmacy where I work, a person Ill phone Mr. Smooth, in his mid-fifties, caused it to be clear that he found me interesting, though he knew I was married. One day the area paper ran a story about my new book and mentioned that I was 76. Before that, my age was mostly unknown because I never talked about it. The general public disclosure of my age raised eyebrows, and whispers began at the job. Shes HOW old? Formerly friendly male coworkers began looking another way. Sheesh! Be viewed conversing with an old woman? The inventors will think theres anything wrong with me.

Back to Mr. Easy. He will need to have seen the story in the newspaper because right after, he appeared at my prescription counter. Glaring at me with disgust and contempt, h-e blurted out, I cant believe you are as old as you"re. I just CANT believe it! H-e turned around and strode away not to be seen again.

A ladies age matters to most men. Except when shes 18 and hes 81. Then its another story. Culture takes it with a knowing look and a wink. This poetic web resource has varied commanding cautions for the reason for it. Thats really, really great --until the children shed their father before their sixth birthday, If the relationship produces progeny.

Betty has it right. She knows what she needs. She knows what she"s to provide. Shes maybe not letting antediluvian age taboos to remain in her means of finding happiness. Concealing the amount of years she has lived, and keeping a youthful demeanor and attitude, she refuses to carry the stigma of invisible older person.

Joan Collins, Susan Sarandon, Tina Turner, Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore, Victoria Principal, and now, Demi Moore, have defied tradition and selected younger men. If you are interested in protection, you will certainly choose to compare about web

Eventually it will become elegant for a fabulous older woman who doesnt have a bank account or celebrity status to have a relationship with a fabulous younger man.

How can I anticipate that? Look at this. We"re living longer, healthier lives. Yesterdays 60 is todays 40 for a lot of women. Dr. Helen Harkness, in her book, Dont Stop that reality is reinforced by the Career Clock with her notion of aging chronology that makes sense for today:

Young adulthood: 20-40

First midlife 40-60

2nd midlife: 60-80

Young-old: 80-90

Elderly: 90 and above

Old-old: 2-3 years to reside

Dr. Harknesss vision of the periods of aging may take a while to catch on with mainstream thinking, however it can happen. Meanwhile, fantastic older women buying man who"s still alive and kicking shouldn"t tell their age. Happy hunting!. We learned about review by browsing books in the library.

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